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Managing your mental health in these uncertain times of Covid 19, with walking and online therapy

Everyone has a different response to where we are right now some are full of anxiety, some bored, some scared, some pragmatic, but we cannot ignore it and we are learning new things about ourselves, our partners, our friends and our families at this time. But the biggest thing for most with Covid 19 is how we deal with the not knowing, the ambiguity, the uncertainty and manage our mental health so we can feel safe and look after those we care about. This is a time where we may well need a place and a space to process outside of family and friends. I have always walked with my clients and many are finding this important, even now if we might walk separately but talk on the phone whilst doing so. But the therapists job at this time is just to offer consistency of care, a really safe, non judgemental space, where you can feel whatever it is you are feeling and then go back to your normal life a little calmer. Do get in touch if you feel this is useful for you right now.

Mental health, online therapy and Covid 19

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