Why Walk? 

The client: "From my perspective, the reason walking therapy is more beneficial for me is that it allows me to think and talk to a flow and a rhythm.


I find the intensity and directness of therapy within closed walls to be somewhat suffocating at times, with the focus constantly on you and your thoughts. With walking, the environment softens and it allows you a free and open stream of conversation and thought.”

CEO, Finance


From my point of view as a therapist, it's simply an alternative to working in a therapist's practice room which some people prefer and benefit from. 

I notice for some the change in location brings a sense of being closer to themselves.  At times the space may lend perspective, and a feeling of liberty from the stress of a hectic life.

Mood may sometimes be elevated just from stepping out of the office and away from the desk and we see changes in the work and feelings, alongside the changes in the seasons.


How does it work?

We find a location

that's convenient and a

 time that suits our


We can stick to the paths

near your work for

lunch hours or meet in

green spaces.

Often it's a really welcome

breather in the working day

which actually helps with

focus and stress, or a lunch

break, for others we meet 

before or after work.

The location may change,

but the feeling at the end

rarely does, a lift in mood,

or a sense of something

shifting as we wander

or sit on a bench.

For others its simply a

transition from working

together within my 

practice room, and

later in the work,

 a desire to see what it's

like to work outside.