About Me

​Hi, I'm Helen, I am a Psychotherapist and a Relationship and Psychosexual Therapist. My absolute focus is to make therapy as unintimidating and accessible as possible.  My approach is to support people I am working with to explore the place in life where they are struggling without stigma or judgement.  Most people come up against issues in their lives, sexually, emotionally, relationally and try to fix it alone, often for years before picking up the phone.  The truth is having space with a therapist who allows you to stand back from yourself, helps you see your patterns, why and where they originate and how they play out, can and does create a great difference.  It also helps shape your relationship with yourself and others in a new and positive way. How you feel about working with me will massively influence the outcome of the work because so much of therapy is fundamentally down to the relationship.  Do you trust me? Do you feel comfortable to be honest with me?  This is why I offer a brief chat before we meet, it helps create a sense of comfort before we get a chance to meet.


It's worth knowing I also offer walking therapy in Hampstead Heath, Regents Park and Hyde Park because I notice for some the change of location, may bring some closer to themselves, and at times the space feels like it lends more perspective, and a sense of liberty.  

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which just means I draw from a wide range of therapies to work in a bespoke way with every individual.  As I work with adults and sex is a part of most people's lives and often in the work, I have also qualified as a Psychosexual and Relationship therapist so that I could offer this additional depth and rigour to my work and work with couples as well as individuals.  There is little more important in our lives than our relationships with those we love and care for.  Our sexual and intimate lives are often just as pivotal to our wellbeing and happiness within these relationships as our emotional lives and the way we relate to one another.  It's really beautiful working with couples and seeing the transformational role, really being heard, seen and understood can be, a couple of my clients have used the same description "you really are able to translate what I am feeling and help me be understood in this relationship".


I offer both short term counselling and longer term psychotherapy using my training in theory including, humanistic, existential, psychodynamic, attachment and contemporary theory.  My practice rooms are located close to convenient transport links in Central London W1 near Goodge St, and Tottenham Court Road and in Hampstead NW3. 

Background, experience and qualifications

I have worked in the NHS as well as private practice and have experience of working with sexual and relationship issues including divorce and separation, anxiety of all kinds, OCD, loss, bereavement, depression, sexual abuse, PTSD and the myriad of ways in which not feeling "good enough" can cause problems in life and relationships. 

I have an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling and am a fully accredited member of the UKCP and abide by their code of ethics within my practice.  I am also a fully qualified Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist working with couples and individuals. 


Before training I spent many years in various dynamic and challenging business roles, but it was always human relationships and dynamics that I found the most fascinating, because these underpin every part of work and private lives.  I have found the ability to understand my clients work lives too is also really important to our relationships.

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What it's like to work with me

PHD Student and Lecturer

"I will be forever grateful for my time working with Helen. Her style of therapy is refreshingly honest and unique, even at times humorous, so I was never left feeling like a stereotyped “patient on the sofa.” She is incredibly non-judgemental, patient and caring, managing to provide clarity and insight that I felt was immediately actionable after our sessions.  


Helen creates a compassionate and collaborative environment, which left me feeling both supported and understood. I feel a stronger sense of self and resiliency for dealing with issues in the future.


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