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Stormzy speaks out about depression.

The Guardian looks at the effect of Stormzy talking about depression and other issues in the Channel 4 interview He speaks out about his success and his depression in a very honest way, reflecting his "story, his culture" and as a credible spokesperson for his generation, challenging young black men to "rise up" and reach their true potential.

At about 17 minutes into the interview after being asked about the high points of his life, he talks about his lowest point, his first experience of depression as he was working on his latest album. It clearly came as a real surprise to him, and he accepts that in the past he didn't understand the experience of it. "Life hit me....A realisation of how fragile we are as humans, in the most beautiful way possible, in the sense where, I always saw myself as a strong person...that was a world that was so alien to me."

Stormzy speaks out about depression

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